TON, innovative and a Blockchain game changer?

Technology / November 1, 2019

Telegram Open Network mainnet Launches exclusively on Liquid Exchange!

One of the biggest events to take place Quarter 4, 2019 is the Telegram Open Network mainnet Launch!   Telegram was the biggest token sales in the industry and has so far raised $1.7 Billion, but only to accredited investors.

The TON (Telegram Open Network), Gram Tokens, will now be offered publicly exclusively on the Liquid Exchange for the first time. The token sale will commence 8am UTC, July 10th, 2019, and for this round of funding, the Gram token will be even more sought after than usual!

Why has Telegram created TON Blockchain platform?

The TON Blockchain technology has been in development since last year by Telegram.  During April 2019, TON was in private beta testing and now the launch to mainnet is imminent.

Due to the failure of other Blockchain platforms to deliver a solution that could be used for real-time business critical systems, led to Telegrams decision to create the TON platform. Issues such as slow transactions is a good example, but the TON platform should see this as an issue of the past.

Mass Adoption, will it become the most widely used cryptocurrency?

With Telegrams vast user base, in excess of 200 million active users, later this year TON will immediately have mass adoption, potentially making Gram the most widely used cryptocurrency.

With the improvements and addressing limitations of other Blockchain technologies, it is expected TON will be a preferred option for many and rapidly grow its user base.

What makes TON different?

The TON platform will bring users access to key features such as the following:

  • A super scalable blockchain infrastructure.
  • Fast payments
  • Cheap transactions
  • Storage
  • VPN
  • The ability to be able to process millions of transactions each second

These features are potential game changers in terms of Blockchain technology and adoption.

The core features of TON, address many of the existing limitations of other Blockchain platforms and will open a complete spectrum of use cases, which before could not be viably implemented.

How does TON compare to Ethereum

TON will no doubt will become the biggest competitor to Ethereum’s decentralized apps and smart contracts.

If TON delivers the cheap transactions costs and the ability to handle high volumes transactions by seamlessly splitting network loads in times of heavy traffic, the Gram token is sure to be well sought after.

Services powering the TON ecosystem

There will be a number of services that are available on the TON platform that can be integrated into other social media or messaging applications.  This will allow these third-party applications to connect decentralized and centralized solutions.

These are as follows:

  • TON Payments – a micro payments service that will ensure off chain payments are as secure as on chain payments.
  • TON Services – a suite of services that can be easily integrated.
  • TON Storage – a service to allow storage in a decentralized manner.
  • TON DNS – bringing readable names to smart contracts, nodes etc.
  • TON Proxy – enabling privacy of IP addresses on each service to ensure always anonymous.

TON, innovative and a Blockchain game changer?

If the TON technology delivers what has been promised, TON could quickly become the most widely adopted Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The key drawbacks of other Blockchain technologies have been addressed and this frees the way for Blockchain use cases to be developed into technical solutions that deliver on all counts.

Original Content by Tracy Jennifer on behalf of City Guide Gibraltar


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